Setup Web Analytics Tools (Google Analytics) for Mobile Websites

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Objectives of Web Analytics Tools

A properly setup web analytics tool can show you reports including:

  • The number of users visited your mobile website on a specific day.
  • From which source did the users come from before landing on your mobile website.
  • The pages on your mobile website in which users have visited.
  • The number of users who have registered on your mobile website.
  • The number of ecommerce transactions the users have completed on your mobile website.

Choosing Web Analytics Tools

You should setup at least one web analytics tool to track your mobile website's data. Several options are available, but the best options are:

Google Analytics is the mostly used web analytics tools in the world, and it is free – (

Piwik is an open source analytics platform and is a free software – (

Setup Google Analytics

Google Analytics Basic Setup – For Google Analytics to track users, first add the Tracking Code to every page of your mobile website. Follow this guide which explains the methods to setup Google Analytics properties and views.

Refer to the following guides when setting up Google Analytics on WordPress & Shopify (i.e. different website builders):

Refer to the following guides for advanced setup of Google Analytics:

  • Goal Tracking – Track users' actions as goals, e.g. User registration.
  • Ecommerce Tracking – For ecommerce websites, track your users' purchases with Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking.
  • Custom Dimensions and Metrics – For example, a hotel booking website may track sessions per specific city (e.g. Beijing).
  • Calculated Metrics – Create new “calculated” metrics which are specific for your business, e.g. revenue per user, transactions per user, user-based ecommerce conversion rate, and more. Allow the calculated metrics to show up in the reports.
  • Campaign Tracking – Track your advertising campaigns whether your campaign is search engine ads, display ads, or other format of ads.

Setup Piwik

Piwik Setup – Piwik is easy to setup and allows storing the web analytics data on your own servers / databases.

You will have to manage the database (i.e. backup, etc). The one advantage is you get the full set of your website's data on Piwik's database, and you can subsequently make use of this stored data for detailed data analysis.

Definitions of Metrics and Dimensions for Web Analytics

This guide provides the definitions of each of the most commonly used web analytics metrics and dimensions.

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