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Fix Bad HTTP Requests

Part One Chapter 18

What Causes Bad HTTP Requests?

Let's define bad http requests.

  • Your mobile web page may request a resource (such as an image file or another web page) which does not exist on the requested server location. This causes bad http requests to happen.

What Happens When Bad HTTP Requests Occur?

Let's examine what actually happens when bad http requests occur on a mobile website.

  • Bad http requests cause unnecessary requests between the web browser requesting the non-existing resources and the web server trying to fulfill the requests. The unnecessary requests will almost always slow down the loading of your mobile web pages.
  • A bad http request may increase the number of DNS lookups which also will slow down the loading of your mobile web page.

How to Fix Bad HTTP Requests?

Bad http requests should be handled in two steps.

  • Examine your mobile web pages and find the links that may cause any bad http requests.
  • Fix the bad http requests.

Bad http requests are not always obvious and easy to find, but fixing them is often much easier. To find bad http requests on a mobile web page, run the page's URL through the Web Page Test tool:

  • www.webpagetest.org

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