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Gordon Choi's Mobile Website Book

About the Mobile Website Book

The book is consists of two parts:

  • Part One: Optimize Mobile Website Performance
  • Part Two: Develop Mobile Websites

Table of Contents

About Gordon Choi (Mobile Website Book's Author)

The Mobile Website Book has been solely written by Gordon Choi.


Gordon Choi is also the author of The China Mobile SEO Book - A book which has been recommended by more than 20 Internet industry experts.

Gordon Choi is also the author of Gordon Choi's Analytics Book - A technical book on analytics topics that covers Google Analytics, open source analytics (i.e. Piwik), web analytics and mobile app analytics. The book is available to read for free online and is under Creative Commons License.

Gordon has developed and founded Folks Analytics, a full stack analytics tool for websites, iOS apps & Android apps.

Gordon Choi's Mobile Website Book has been available since November 2016 and is proudly powered by Folks Analytics. This book is available in Chinese (CN | HK)

Thank you for reading! If you love my book, you're welcome to donate through Paypal.

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