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Mobile Website Speed Optimization Techniques

Part One Chapter 03

Causes of Slow Loading Mobile Websites

The major causes of slow loading of mobile web pages include:

Web Servers

A web server (i.e. the software) that is slow by default, or has not been properly configured for maximizing speed.

Web Hosting Solution

A mobile website that is hosted on a relatively slow web hosting solution (or hardware), or has extremely high web traffic which is often heavier than the web hosting can handle.

Web Browser Caching

A mobile website that has not been configured to use web browser caching.

File Size

A mobile web page that requires downloading resources which added up to excessive file size.

HTTP Requests

A mobile web page that requires downloading too many resources such as images, videos, CSS and JavaScript files, which causes too many http requests.

DNS Lookups

A mobile web page that requires downloading resources such as images, videos, CSS and JavaScript files from too many different hostnames. This will increase the number of DNS lookups.

Slow Connection in General

Some intentional and unintentional setups such as redirects, bad requests, etc may considerably slow down page load.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A mobile website serving users of a very large country (or across large geographical locations, such as China) and with extremely high web traffic but is not using a content delivery network.

Slow Network

A slow network connection between your web server and the user (i.e. the web browser) requesting your mobile web page.

Techniques to Improve Loading Speed

Summary: Causes vs. Techniques

When we associate each technique to the causes:

Slow web server softwareOptimize web server software
Slow web hosting solutionUpgrade web hosting solution
No web browser cachingImplement web browser caching
Large file sizeEnable file compression, Minify CSS and JavaScript files
Too many http requestsCombine multiple CSS files, Combine multiple JavaScript files, Implement inline CSS, Implement inline JavaScript, Implement inline images, Implement CSS sprites
Too many DNS lookupsReduce DNS lookups
Slow connection in generalOptimize the loading order of CSS and JavaScript, Avoid CSS @ import, Avoid CSS attributes in HTML elements, Fix bad http requests, Avoid redirects
No CDNImplement CDN
Slow networkNone

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a Google-backed open source project which lets you build web pages for static content that render faster. AMP consists of 3 major parts:

  • AMP JS
  • Google AMP Cache

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